Wood pellets – we produce and sell pellets wowldwide. High quality 6 mm pellets, made from broad-leaved and coniferous sawdust. Without the addition of glue or other chemical additives, pallets supplied in polyethylene bags of 15 kg, 67 bags on standard 800×1200 cm Euro pallet. Total weight 1005 kg.
Custom labeling available on customer request.
Pellet diameter: 6 mm
Pellet length: 3-4 cm
Contents: coniferous, decidous wood sawdust
Calorific value: 4300 kcal / kg
Humidity: 8-10%
Ash residue: 0.7 – 1.5%



RUF briquettes obtained from dried, untreated sawdust, produced during the processing of wood (birch, ash) used to produce pallets. The homogeneous compound is then subjected to high pressures thanks to the use of RUF presses for the production of briquettes.
Packaged in 10 kg bags. Delivered to 96-bag pallets each.
Custom labeling on customer request.
Dimensions: 90 × 300 mm
Package weight: 10 kg / 960 kg on Euro pallets
Types of wood: birch, ash
Heating power: 19,000 kJ / kg
Ash residue: ~ 0.4%
Moisture level: ~ 8%


Sawdust – we are biomass product manufacturer and as a part of our assortment we can also supply quality hardwood sawdust – clean, natural moisture level and free from any chemicals and impurities. Our sawdust is suitable for production of biofuels (pellets, RUF, PINI KAY briquettes) as well as for cattle, animal bedding, better soil quality, absorbation of spills and liquids, industrial cleaning and many more farming applications. Sawdust is obtained from wood processing waste, when non-treated timber sawn for various purposes and production waste recycled to a products. 82% of the sawdust comes from decidous wood, the rest from coniferous. Can be supplied in bags or bulk. We offer sawdust for sale at competitive price. Price per cubic meter.

If you are looking for a reliable supplier, we are your first choice. If you would like to buy sawdust in bulk, don’t hesitate to contact our team for details and availability.


Woodchips produced while processing wooden logs for pallet boards, construction lumber , 80% of the content is in hardwood. Natural humidity level woodchips are clean, no tree bark or other residues. Woodchips are used for pulp, paper, board and MDF production. Supplied in bags or in bulk. Priced per cubic meter, wholesale discounts discussed per request.


Bark chippings – our production capacity can supply 1000m3 of bark chippings per month. We produce multi-purpose bark chippings suitable for use in garden and general landscaping. Supplied in jumbo/bulk bags.

We are manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of various biomass products – wood briquettes, wood pellets, sawdust, wood chips, bark chippings. Bio fuels are environmentally friendly and cost-effective heating solution for businesses and households. With more and more eco friendly heating systems being installed we are ready to meet growing demand for climate-friendly alternative fuels. If you are looking for reliable biomass supplier contact us today.